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"Hormone's Happen" - A More Natural approach to balancing the body

Presented by Dona Garofano

This very important seminar brings forth information that you may not be aware of just through pharmaceutical companies and doctors. It gives you important information that you must know before making decisions about taking some prescription drugs.


A must see for all women!

This 2.5 - 3 hour session will include:

First presentation:
-Estrogen Replacement Therapies (ERT) and their links to cancer
-The Pill/ Seasonale, Seasonique/Gardicil
-Women's Health Initiative Trials, JAMA and other studies
-Prempro, Provera, Premarin (side effects), Xeno-estrogens,

 (precocious  puberty), Tamoxifen
-Natural progesterone/estrogen-progestin therapy
-Contraindications of estrogen therapy
-Osteoporosis/Fosamax, Miacalcin, Evista, Actonel, Boniva -

 toxic side effects/class action suits

Second Presentation:
-How NOT to buy vitamins
-Review of labels: Centrum A-Zinc, Caltrate 600 + D, Centrum Performance,

  Nature's Bounty E-600, Kirkland Vit E, Nature Made multi complex,

  One-A-Day Women's, Berkley & Jensen Women's Multi, OS-CAL,

  Centrum Silver, New Improved Centrum, John Hopkins Diet Program
-Assessing the Client
-Acidity/real causes of osteopoenia/osteoporosis
-Adrenal fatigue
-Thyroid imbalance
-Importance of Iodine
-Endocrine imbalance
-Hormonal imbalance
-Reproductive stress
-Other important nutrients


Third Presentation:

- Differences of Mammography vs. Thermography. 

-The dangers of Mammagraphy as screening.

- Video - "Most Astonishing Disasters of the 21th Century"

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Call: 973-962-6355 for information on upcoming lectures.

Women's Health and Hormone Issues Lecture

Women's Health and Hormone Issues Lecture

A must see for all women!

It is our mission to help improve the quality of your life.